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Clippings and cloppings!

We’d love to have one of those swanky news pages with lovely PDF versions of the articles we’ve been featured in for you to read right here and now (perhaps even with turning pages)… sounds so easy… but sadly it’s not.

So – liking the simple things in life – I’m afraid for the time being all we can put here are links to some of the features and articles we’ve appeared in… if you’d like to read them in the flesh, why not pop along to a course?  I’ll happily show you my clippings!

NFU Countryside Magazine April 2018
7 days in the lambing shed

NFU Countryside Magazine August 2017
Lovely coverage with beautiful photos - Lassie is particularly photogenic!

Did you know Kate can talk for an hour without taking a breath? Listen to this ...  Rock & roll farming podcast :-)  June 2017

Kate promoting Welsh agriculture - Abergavenny Chronicle June 2017Abergavenny Chronicle June 2017

Abergavenny Chronicle March 2016

Kate is filming at Crufts

Wales on-line September 2014
We're number 19 in The Times' "Top 40 Autumnal breaks"

Western Mail July 2014
Kate is featured in a book!

NFU Countryside Magazine June 2014
Lovely article by Lorna Maybery about our Family Discovery Days.

Abergavenny Chronicle August 2013
Extremely pleased to be shortlisted for two categories in the Monmouthshire Business Awards.

Blackpool Gazette August 2013

Wonderful trubute to our amazing Country Writing tutor, Dad. Written by his friend, Jacqui Morley.

March 2013 - School Visit funded by Tesco.

Information here.

2013/2014/2015 - Kate is now a Farmer Focus writer with the Farmer's Weekly!

Read all the articles here.

South Wales Argus, August 1st 2012

The lovely Kath Skellon produced this very informative article after a chat (which went on a long time). Thank you Kath.


Blackpool Gazette, July 9th 2012

Wonderful article by Jacqui Morley taking Kate back to her roots (Her home county of Lancashire, not hair dye!) Blackpool Gazette article.


NFU Countryside magazine, June 2012 

Kate's first (and probably only) shot at being a coverstar! Thank you Martin and Laura for a great write up and thanks to Adam for the lovely pictures. More of which can be found here.


The Guardian, April 7th 2012

Guardian reporter Lizzy Davis and photographer Gareth Phillips spent a day with us on one of our first ever lambing courses; see what they thought here…

Read more

Western Mail, Country & Farming supplement, March 6th 2012

The Western Mail’s Sally Williams included this article in Country and Farming; it’s a great intro to what we do (shame they’ve left the photos off the online version, but there’s plenty for you to see in our gallery).

Read more

South Wales Argus, March 6th 2012

Our first centre spread!  All about new life on Welsh farms and the “unusual” ways farmers in Monmouthshire are finding to make an income.  “Unusual”?  Us?  Never!


BBC Radio Wales, Country Focus, March 2012

The lovely Emma Thomas came all the way out to see us on a Sunday morning, just to record our ramblings; she edited us well!

Listen to part 1

Listen to part 2

BBC Radio Wales, Jamie Owen and Louise Elliott (9am weekdays), February 3rd 2012

Our first time on live radio – we’d never even been near a radio studio before – so it went OK, though we say it ourselves.

Abergavenny Chronicle, February 24th 2012

It’s the photo which makes this one – Lass doesn’t stay still for long!

Read more

Western Mail, February 22nd 2012

The Western Mail paid us a visit literally days before we opened Kate’s Country School – it was a little hectic at the time but we hope the photographer’s shoes recovered!

Read more

Country Life, February 29th 2012

We’ve even had a brief mention in Country Life; amazing, but sadly too small to be on their website… maybe next time?

Smallholder Directory, February 26th 2012

It’s great to be included on the Smallholder Directory website – thank you!

Read more

Wye Valley & Vale of Usk, Visitor Guide 2012

You’ll find Kate and her pitchfork on page 22, but why not flick through the other pages too?  There’s so much to see and do in our lovely corner of the country.

Read more

Garstang Courier, December 7th 2010

Kate’s parents’ local paper, proud of their local lass, but the best bit… you MUST check out the photo caption… we couldn’t have said it better ourselves!

Read more

Farmer’s Guardian, July 23rd 2010

Written just after Lambing Live, this puts what we do into a proper farming perspective; after all, farming is our family’s life and livelihood, not TV appearances (though we love the mix!)

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